About Me

Hi! I’m Richard

natural and fun Wedding Photographer

My Photography Style

My wedding photography style is a mixture of reportage, natural and fine-art, and I capture lots of moments that you won’t notice because you’ll be too busy having a good time and enjoying your big day.

Mostly I stay out of the way, discreetly taking photographs of you and your guests. I try not to intrude. It’s your day. I’m just there to capture the magic moments.

If you like those ‘fine-art’ style photographs, but don’t want to spend ages posing for them, or being bossed about by some shouty photographer, then don’t worry.

My relaxed and friendly style means that I will pose you, but you might not even realise it.

Learn a little about me

I love cycling and socialising (meeting friends and spending long evenings chatting and laughing are my favourite). Coffee in the mornings is essential, and I drink tea in the afternoons.

I once cycled from John o’Groats in Scotland to Lands End in the South of England (about 900 miles) not all in one day, and to raise money for charity.

I often dye my beard purple…just because…and it’s a great colour.



My family consists of me, my wife Avrina, and our teenage daughter. I also have a grown-up son who is off carving his own initials on life.

I love spending time with my family, doing things together and of course I take my camera with me and capture those special, family moments.

I know that when I take photographs, I am creating something special for my family to look back on in years to come.


Our pets are important to us. We currently have two rescue dogs (all our dogs have been rescued).

We have this beautiful, but rather cheeky Labradoodle called Luna.

And we have a black dog of indeterminate origin. He’s called Harry and is about the size of a labrador. He lived in kennels for 2 years before we met him and gave him a home.


Humour is important to me. Getting ready for visitors one evening, I decided to make an extra “guest”. This is Clive. He had a great evening.

I like to have a bit of craic, tell stories, and jokes. And I use humour to break the ice with my couples, to get them to relax, and sometimes even to smile.

I like people, I like talking to them, finding out about them. By finding out about them, it makes it easier for me to capture their personality in photographs.

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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